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Our core skills lie in the areas of administration and consulting.

We do the following:

Establish superannuation funds and carry out the activities to ensure they meet statutory requirements (please refer to our schedule of fees for more details).
Administer superannuation funds, including preparation of financial statements, preparation & lodgement of income tax returns, audit, and business activity statements (BAS).
Establish trustee companies, if required.
Provide research on strategies relating to contributions, retirement benefit limits (RBLs) and related tax issues.
Administer allocated pensions and complying pensions, including market-linked income streams (MLIS) and provide worksheets on strategies relating to these.
Provide actuarial certificates and contributions reporting.
Provide a complete administration service for our clients.
Above all, when our clients send us a fund to administer, they can be assured that it will be completely taken care of in one location, where responsibility for its administration is ensured, from A to Z.


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